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Medicinal Cannabis Overview

There are many “gray areas” in Prop. 215 that have yet to be clarified. Enforcement and interpretation of the bill have been left to county law enforcement, so each county has different guidelines, and you may find that different police officers have different interpretations. Find out what your county’s guidelines are before growing. Visit the NORML website (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws), at California NORML for a list of counties and their guidelines. If you are unable to find the information you need on the NORML website, you may want to contact your district attorney’s office to get clarification on the growing guidelines in your area.

The NORML website is also a great place to keep up with current events and legislation related to medicinal cannabis. NORML also offers a list of cannabis clubs in your area where you can purchase your medicine and other cannabis products. You will find many different strains of cannabis, in addition to various other cannabis preparations.

It is possible to get a DUI while driving under the influence of cannabis. We suggest you avoid driving, and if you must carry your medicine with you, less is better. Keep it safely stored in the trunk of your vehicle, as it is considered an “open container.” There are no specific guidelines for how much medicinal cannabis those with approvals can have in their possession. In California, possession of under an ounce by anyone is a misdemeanor. Always keep your wallet card or a copy of your approval with you.

Our office is not in any way involved in how you obtain your medicinal cannabis. Prop. 215 did not provide for distribution, so it is illegal for you to buy but legal for you to have…a catch 22. Many of the cannabis clubs are still operating although they are illegal according to the Federal Government.

About our consent form: Your privacy is of great concern to us, and your medical record at our office is as confidential here as in any other medical office. California has no requirements for medical cannabis users to register with law enforcement, but under SB 420 you may obtain a state-issued ID card. If you decide to visit a cannabis club, they will call us to verify that you are a patient. Our request to release information to law enforcement is in the event that you are involved in an interaction with them and they want to verify that you are a legitimate patient. We, of course, do not contact them or give out any other information about you.

Being a medicinal cannabis patient requires that you stay as well informed as possible, and follow whatever guidelines are available to you; that is your best protection. Please call our office at 530.274.2274 if you have any questions.

Who's Eligible

Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1999, HS 11362.5, lists specific health conditions that can be treated with medicinal marijuana. These include, but are not limited to: chronic pain of any kind, cancer, HIV/AIDS, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, MS, glaucoma, insomnia, menstrual disorders, migraine, ADD/ADHD, alcohol abuse, sedative/opiate abuse, IBS, Crohn’s disease, decrease use of other drugs, restless leg syndrome, Hepatitis, brain trauma, peripheral neuropathy, lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and any medical condition that the doctor agrees would benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana.

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