Q&A with Dr. Stephen Banister: ADHD

Dr. Stephen Banister is one of the first physicians in California to prescribe medical cannabis for the safe and effective treatment of many physical ailments and conditions. This blog will from time to time publish some of the many questions he has answered in the course of his extensive medical career.

Q: I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What treatments work?

A: ADD and ADHD are common troubling conditions in adults and children. They are characterized by difficulty staying focused on a task, distractibility, etc. This often results in severe difficulties at school and work, as well as difficulties interacting with others. There is often a genetic component, so look for it among other family members.

Some patients have benefited from dietary changes, including a reduction of sugars, dyes and preservatives. Others benefit when their food allergies are recognized and omitted from their diets. Standard medical treatment is usually stimulants, which have the opposite effect in these patients and can produce calm and focus. However, since most of these are in the amphetamine family of drugs, they can have undesirable side effects.

Although controversial, medicinal cannabis is quite an effective alternative to stimulants in some patients, creating focus and calm. I have personally treated many patients over the years, and noted major improvements in work performance, school grades, and behavior, without harmful side effects. These should be the criteria by which any drug is evaluated for a particular condition.

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