Highland Springs Wellness Center Announces New Practitioner Pamala Lane, ND, CMT, LCT

Highland Springs Wellness Center is pleased to announce that Pamala Lane, ND, CMT, LCT is now offering massage therapy at their Grass Valley office, including her specialized detoxification and cellulite reduction technique, Lane Therapeutic Massage.

Pamala Lane has two decades of experience as a lifestyle counselor and is a Certified Massage Therapist.

Her alternative medicine background includes advanced training as a Colon Therapist and a Naturopathic Doctor.

Pamala Lane is now offering exclusively at Highland Springs Wellness Center:
•     Massage Therapy
•     Specialized Cellulite Detoxification Massage

About Lane Therapeutic Massage
Pamala Lane has developed a specialized massage technique which assists the body to rid itself of cellulite and its toxins called The Lane Therapeutic Massage.

A Technique for Cellulite Clearing
After 24 years of experience in the alternative healing field and licensed Massage therapist, Pamala Lane has created an innovative approach for cellulite clearing. The Lane Therapeutic Massage technique is used in tandem with Lane Therapeutic Oil.

Massage Benefits
Overall improved sense of well-being
Improved circulation
Joint and muscular pain reduction
Cellulite Reduction Massage Benefits
Prettier legs, arms, tummy, buns
Lose inches and change dress size
Improved self esteem and self confidence
Reduction of cellular toxins
Easier body movements

Massage & Therapeutic Oil
Anti-inflammatory, Pain Relief and Healing Oil called Lane Therapeutic Oil, now available exclusively at Highland Springs Wellness Center.

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For a better quality life, call  and schedule an appointment with Pamala Lane, CMT #41562


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